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Media Interviews:

  ICCFA Magazine "A flyover for Serene at graveside"
American Funeral Director Magazine, Patti Martin Bartsche, "Celebrant Roundtable"
Southern California Public Radio, Susan Valot KPCC - "Aging Baby Boomers bring changes to funeral industry"
Miller-McCune, Andrea Cooper - "Celebrants Offering More Meaningful Funerals"
More forgo clergy-led funerals for those by secular 'celebrants'
MSNBC.com, Diane Mapes - "Bury me with my cell phone"
MSNBC.com, Diane Mapes - "Final touch: A cosmetic lift for your funeral?"
Funeral Monitor by Larry Moniz "Celebrants surf a wave of change"
Game Changer hosted by Elfreda Pretorius
Shep Cohen, World of Work, WDVR FM
Dr. Fitness Blog Radio Show
Sue Goldstein – The Underground Shopper Radio Dallas, Texas
Dr. Elinor Robin – WWNN 1470 Florida Radio Station
Dr. Beth Erickson – Mirrors of the Soul Radio
Bob Cudmore – WVTL Amsterdam, New York
Camille Adair-Norwick – Death and Dying: A Lifelong Practice, New Mexico
Alexis Live
Susan Benjamin
Dennis McCarthy – Los Angeles Daily News, Los Angeles, California
Linda Lawson – Newswise
Chris Foehlinger – Sunday News Staff Writer Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Molly Rose Kaufman – Columbia News Service
Valley Vantage – Woodland Hills, California
Millersville Review – Millersville, Pennsylvania
Woman's World Magazine - April 14, 2008 issue: "4 Wonderful Ways to Remember Someone Special!"

*Pam Vetter has also been interviewed recently for inclusion in reference books on grief, sibling loss and funeral planning.

*Author of Celebrant Marketing Manual for In-Sight Institute, Pam Vetter & Floyd Craig

*Wrote Forward to "The Guide to a Dead Brilliant Funeral Speech" by Neil Dorward

*As a journalist, Pam Vetter’s articles have appeared:

  International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association Magazine
      --"Educators learning, teaching about celebrants"
The Dodge Magazine
      –-"Celebrants celebrate lives at convention"
Hawaii Reporter with 1.2 to 1.5 million readers

*Articles have been picked up for republishing in print edition newspapers, online websites, international blogs, and national organizations:

www.AmericanChronicle.com (including 21 affiliate websites)

*More than 100 articles have appeared in print edition of Los Angeles Daily News


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